Before and After Coffee

Some people wake up to have coffee, others have coffee to wake up and these hilariously on point images from College Humor prove this is true. Coffee is the elixir of life, and can truly kick start your day without you even realising it.

Coffee is close to being one of the world’s most popular beverages. Not only does it taste good, and boosts you in the morning, but it also has lots of additional benefits which help you during the day – which, let’s be honest, as a parent we often need.

Once you take a sip of that black gold, the caffeine is then absorbed into your bloodstream. From there, it’ll travel to your brain and these are some of the amazing things that happen …

Many controlled studies in humans show that coffee improves various aspects of brain function — including memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general mental function.

Not only is coffeee a great pick-me-up, it’s also loaded with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients.Some people even find it can jump-start the other end of their body.

One study found that 29% of participants needed to use the bathroom within twenty minutes of drinking a cup of coffee




Before and after coffee

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