Dealing With Crowds


Dealing with Crowds 01

I hate crowds.  BIG TIME.

Yet, I am in this Catch 22 situation with my kids – I don’t get to to do quality stuff with them both together unless it’s on the weekend or during school holidays.  Both of which equal CROWDS.

So I suck it up, and go out during peak times.

If you follow me on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page, you would have seen that today we went to the Auckland Museum.  It was AMAZING, but it was busy, and my kids don’t really do so well in crowds either.  They get overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do.  My daughter, in particular, thinks everyone is out to get her.

In all honesty, when it comes to crowds, sometimes people can forget that small people are there.  Or that they can be overwhelmed by bigger people.  My girl was bumped and pushed so many times by unknowing larger kids.  It wasn’t their fault, just a part of being in a room with a lot of people – but it was still scary for her, and I could see her every time someone ran past her closely.  It freaked her out a bit.

So here are some tips and tricks I’ve found to help you and your child in dealing with crowds:


Before you leave, make sure your kids have had a rest and/or a nap.  Don’t go out if they’re tired – it honestly only makes it a thousand times worse.  If they want to sleep in the car – encourage it.  Anything to help them deal with the large crowds.

Before you leave – tell them what is happening.  Tell them that there will be a lot of people and that it will be ok.  Stick with Mum.  Listen to Mum.  Repeat x 1000.

Take snacks.  Take drinks.  Take a toy.  Take the kitchen sink if you think it will help your child deal with an unknown situation.

Acknowledge it’s tough and praise when they get through difficult parts.  Kids often don’t know if what is happening is normal, or if what they’re feeling is right – so just keep talking.  Acknowledge the good, the bad, the ugly.  Talk talk talk!  Praise!

If things aren’t working – change it up.  Move to a quieter area and let your child catch their breath.  Catch your own breath.  Perhaps go and grab a bite to eat.  Most importantly, be prepared to leave.  If it gets too much, just leave.  Really simple – no matter how much you want so stay, it’s really not worth the grief and stress caused by an upset child.


Ultimately you know your child best, so you will know what works.  Sometimes not going out in crowds is what is best – and is my personal preference.

However, as I stated above, sometimes it’s unavoidable.  My girl is off from Kindy so it’s such an amazing time to be able to spend with her and the boy together, doing exciting things.

I have been known to take my girl out of Kindy for the day so that we can go to the Zoo.  Sometimes its important to create a memory together.  Not sure how that’ll work at school though haha!

Have you found anything works when it comes to dealing with crowds?





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