Simple & Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Simple & Easy Mother's Day Crafts 01

Check out these two simple & easy Mother’s Day crafts, which are affordable, from Warehouse Stationery.

I have always found that the best Mother’s Day gifts, were the craft projects where kids had to use their imagination and creativity, and kept the kids amused for hours.

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive – as we always say in life, “it’s the thought that counts”.  And a truer word couldn’t be said for this.

You also don’t need to spend a small fortune on this, and as I found out, you can get everything you need from Warehouse Stationery .

1. DIY Cards – Rosie’s Studio Cardmaking Kit
Available at Warehouse Stationery from $7.99 – $9.95 RRP

These card making kits from Warehouse Stationery are brilliant because they come with everything you and your children need to make a card.  There are four cards in total inside, and it includes envelopes, stickers, and cutouts.  My kids are aged 4 and 2, so their “skills” aren’t as high as some older kids.  However they LOVED using colouring in pens, and the stickers / embellishments.

If you have your own glue / scissors at home, along with coloured pens, this will add to the experience.  You can also purchase these from Warehouse Stationery.

Simple & Easy Mother's Day Crafts 04


2.  DIY Gift Box – Uniti Natural Glam Storage Box
Available at Warehouse Stationery from $9.99 RRP

By combining the Natural Glam Storage Box from Warehouse Stationery , some colouring in pens and some fantastic Little Hands Stickers (from $2.99), you can create a beautiful box to store all of the treats and hand made gifts for Mum.

Both of my children had a blast putting stickers on, although my 2 year old’s mission was to simply stack the stickers one upon the other to create a sticker mountain ????

Simple & Easy Mother's Day Crafts 02

So as you can see, Mother’s Day crafts can be simple and affordable – and I guarantee your kids will be entertained.  You can also send this post to your partner and show them that chocolates / wine are acceptable “box fillers” ????

Do your kids love creating crafts for Mother’s Day?

This post was made possible thanks to Warehouse Stationery.


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