Chicken Pox – One Down, One To Go …

We’ve been waiting for this moment our whole lives really – the dreaded Chicken Pox. My 7 year old finally got it, and now it’s a waiting game to see if my 5 year old has it too …

For us the Chicken Pox started off with a spot that I assumed was a pimple, by the next morning there were several of these and my mind instantly went to Chicken Pox.

Sadly for us, these spots appeared two days before school was due to go back, after two weeks off.

Instantly her and I were on lock-down; not leaving the house. I sent my husband out to get something called “PoxClin”, which you guys had recommended to me.

The spots were apparent on the Saturday and on the Monday morning I made an appointment to see our doctor, just to make sure she was on track with a normal bout of CP.

Thankfully I went – because some of her spots were infected and she needed antibiotics.

During this time, I also re-stocked up on the PoxClin, as well as Pinetarsol and some antihistamines.

Here’s a look at my “supplies”:

Didn’t end up using the Calamine Lotion

Chloe’s spots not only were on her body, they were on her scalp too – and those were the ones causing her the most grief.

It’s so hard relieving an itch on her head – but the antihistamines helped as well as the PoxClin. This is like a type of mousse.

PoxClin is meant for your body but it worked well in her hair because it was a mousse and went through easily.

It was a really really rough time for her, and even for me – it was so hard seeing her so sick.

I cried a few times at the whole situation.

The only thing that got me through, was knowing it would be over eventually. That she would get better.

And she did – she is now well and almost ready to go back to school. Although I’m even nervous about that because I want to make sure she’s fully better before she goes back.

A couple of things that really helped with her recovery and helped to distract her were:

  1. The iPad
  2. Minecraft

Thank the lords for devices / games!! Now we wait to see if my 5 year old will get it …

Has your child had chicken pox yet?

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