My Review: The Samsung Family Hub Fridge

We were recently gifted a Samsung Family Hub fridge and it’s honestly freaking amazing. This blog is the second in a series about the Samsung Family Hub – I wanted to make sure we truly experienced it as a family before I wrote about it, and I’m so excited to share what I’ve found!

If you’d like to check out the first post, which explains all about what the fridge is, visit my Introducing The Samsung Family Hub Fridge post.


When the Samsung Family Hub fridge got delivered, we were a little bit like the apes in Space Odyssey 2001:

We were in awe. Even Phil got in on the action:

Compared to our other fridge, the Samsung Family Hub was massive. In fact, having the new fridge meant we had to get our A into G and partially renovate our kitchen quicker than we originally planning on doing – we wanted to make sure the fridge was in the right spot from the get go.

Because the fridge has an inbuilt water filter / ice maker, we had the fridge plumbed in to the main water line; this was easier than we thought.

After letting the fridge settle for a few hours, I transferred the food from our old fridge, to the Samsung Family Hub. The size difference is phenomenal.

Definitely more space in the fridge itself, but most noticeably in the freezer.; the freezer is MASSIVE.

This is our old fridge:

This is the new Samsung Family Hub:


Well apart from the huge amount of space, there are definitely other things which we really love about the fridge.

This display is epic, and it enables us to do so much from the fridge itself. A couple of things we use the most are the recipes / meal planning section, and then the shopping list (you can sync this with your phone, so that when you go shopping you can see what to get). The display allows us to connect to our Ring Doorbell as well (which is a video doorbell), so when someone pushes the button, it actually rings on the fridge for us all to hear. You can also view the video’s live feed direct from the fridge as well.

While Phil was away overseas, I didn’t want to take the kids out shopping, so I was able to order it direct through the Countdown app on the fridge. That’s right – ON THE FRIDGE.

We have never ever owned a fridge with this function, and we love it. Not only because we have instant access to cold water, but also because the kids do too. They can’t quite reach the tap in our house, to get their own drinks, but now that we have the Samsung Family Hub they’re able to do it themselves. We also love not having to worry about ice – and there are two options to choose from – ice cubes or crushed ice. We are spoilt for choice!

This one is a bit hard to explain, but the inside of the fridge itself is wonderful (I can’t think of any other way to describe it). I don’t feel like anything is “hidden” at the back of the fridge. The lights inside brighten up the whole thing. Also, one of the shelves is able to shift backwards slightly, meaning it makes room for taller items, such as drink bottles. Nothing worse than not having the right shelf height, so having something adjustable like this is really a godsend.

Did I mention we love the LED Display? Not only can it store lists of what’s in the fridge, and help you with your meal planning / shopping; you can also use it to entertain the kids. Yep, there’s a whiteboard function on it – which my kids LOVE using. They will stand there and draw on it while I’m cooking dinner (during the dreaded witching hour) and it’s actually been cool to have for them to muck around on.


A lot of people ask me “yeah but do you really need that in a fridge” – and my answer to them is “I didn’t think I needed it until I had it”; and that’s the truth. We love the functionality of the fridge – as a fridge itself, and as more. The display and everything it can do has really connected the family with the fridge; as weird as that sounds.

So when we’re out, if we need anything, we can use the cameras in it to see if we have something in the fridge. Or we can check the shopping list and see what we’ve run out of.

We absolutely love the amount of space we have in it, and when we get our weekly food order, I don’t have to worry about it not fitting anymore. The freezer space has honestly been a game changer – we could hardly fit anything in our other freezer which meant when we wanted to save leftovers it was hard. Now it’s not an issue – which is great for those lazy nights when I can’t be bothered cooking.

If you are looking to upgrade then I would definitely check out the Samsung Family Hub fridge. We love it in this house, and I think you would too.


To find out more information about the Samsung Family Hub, be sure to check out the official Samsung website:



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