Christmas Inspired Mascarpone Trifle

When I think of Christmas, and Summer, I think of trifle. My grandparents used to make one with sherry and it was DIVINE. However, the sherry can be a little strong (especially for kids), so when I had the opportunity to make a trifle with orange juice instead; I was excited.

This recipe is actually really easy to put together. It took me about 30 minutes in total and I did it while I had the kids in my care. It’s not time sensitive, so doesn’t matter if you have to stop and check on your kids.

The kind folks over at Tatua sent me some amazing ingredients and a recipe, to try out; and I wasn’t disappointed. You can make this for Christmas Day or for ANY dessert as it’s truly amazing:


500ml raspberry jelly (all made and set)
200g Tatua Mascarpone
1 cup vanilla custard
500g plain sponge cake, cut into two equal layers
1/4 cup sherry or orange juice
125g fresh blueberries
500g strawberries (or mixed berries)
Tatua Dairy Whip Cream (to serve)

1. In a bowl, mix the Tatua Mascarpone and custard together
2. Place half the sponge cake over the base of a medium dessert bowl, then drizzle with half the sherry or orange juice
3. Top with half of the Mascarpone/custard mix
4. Cut the jelly into chunks and then spoon half over the Mascarpone/custard mix
5. Place half of the berry mixture onto the Mascarpone/custard mix
6. Repeat layering with the remaining sponge cake, Mascarpone/custard mix, jelly and berries
7. Cover and refrigerate until serving
8. Just before serving, top with Tatua Dairy Whip Cream





Thanks so much to Tatua for making this post possible, and for sending me the amazing ingredients and bowl. I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe!!!



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