Curing The Fear Of The Trampoline With tgoma


Curing The Fear Of The Trampoline With

tgoma Technology

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My daughter is a creature of habit, and loves stability and routine. So when we were given a Springfree Trampoline to try out, it completely threw her for six with it’s unpredictability. Lucky for us, we had the tgoma technology to help us all out …

Before we got tgoma set up, both of the kids had the opportunity to try the trampoline out.  My son (who is 2) absolutely loved it.  He doesn’t really know how to jump, so spent a lot of time falling over and laughing uncontrollably.

My girl (4) freaked out completely.  It was way too unpredictable for her, and she hated not knowing what was happening.

Nothing I said helped to alleviate her fears.  Nothing. She was screaming, and scared. She wouldn’t even let me come close to the netting because she thought I was going to bounce the trampoline from a distance.  I had to remove her and for a week she flat out refused to get on it.

So we brought out the tgoma app, set it up and it changed everything …

We had to step back and let her figure it out for herself though – there was no way I was allowed anywhere near her.  If you watch the video below you can see her progression, even within a few seconds.  Apprehensive at first, tgoma helped her to relax and see that what was happening was (for the most part) within her control.



Here are some tips and tricks I used to help my daughter get over her fear of jumping:

  1. Have a Springfree Trampoline – it is the safest trampoline in the world.  So when I told her it was safe, I wasn’t lying!
  2. Get on the trampoline first, by yourself, and show your child how safe it is
  3. Let your child go on the trampoline alone (supervised of course)
  4. Let them discover the trampoline by themselves
  5. Use the tgoma app and technology to encourage your child to relax – put one of the many games on and let them have fun!
  6. Be patient – all good things take time

Getting kids outdoors is important.  Getting them to learn how to cope or deal with their fears is also important. Just remember not to push your child – let them get through it at their own pace, with your help, and with the help of the Springfree Trampoline and tgoma technology.

For other fun ideas on what you can do on your Springfree Trampoline, check out my post here!


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Thanks to Springfree Trampoline for making this post possible.


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