Drinking As A Parent

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Drinking As A Parent

SO … drinking as a parent. Oooooh taboo topic! Because you can’t possibly be a parent and drink right?!

Well actually no, if you like to drink, there’s no reason why you can’t drink after becoming a parent.

In fact, parenting will probably drive you to drink … not even a joke or a lie.

I asked my Snapchat audience (Snapchat: happymumnz) what I should talk about, and one of the topics was drinking.

Specifically “are there any mummies dying for a drink at 3pm? I feel not many Mums, apart from you Maria, show themselves as having a drink. I feel like I am alone”


Well now the cat’s out of the bag: yes I do enjoy a drink at night. And sometimes, I admittedly drink when the kids are still awake *gasp*. It’s not every night, but if I’m having a hard day, then yes I may do. And I’m always eating … hence why I’m overweight LOLOLOL …

Now feel free to judge this, but I am ok with my decision to do this.

More often than not, my husband is with me; and if he’s not, then it’s literally a sniff / whiff of the wine. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t know what it says about me, but sometimes I enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of the day. Not necessarily more than a glass, but a glass to me is fine.

I am not ashamed of this.

What you do as a parent is completely up to you, and I have to trust that those who are reading this are sensible. If you’re worried at all, then of course check out the links at the end of this post.

I drink because I love wine. I drink because I get stressed. I drink because I’m a parent. I drink because I need to relax (not always ya know!).

I drink because I’m an adult and I can.


Are you breastfeeding? The safest option is always no alcohol, however “pumping and dumping” effectively has little effect because alcohol goes through breastmilk like it does the bloodstream. Only time makes a difference.

Check out the Ministry of Health website HERE for more information.

You know your own limits and I certainly am not here to tell you “yes you are allowed to drink” – because you can make the decision for yourself.

I just want you to know what I do – which is yes I do drink alcohol as a parent.

If for some reason you are worried about your drinking, then check out the Alcohol.org.nz website.

What do you do? Do you drink alcohol as a parent?


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