Friday Favourites: The One About The School Holidays

The One About The School Holidays

 Friday Favourites:
The One About The School Holidays

The One About The School Holidays

The first week of School Holidays is almost done – thank goodness. Honestly, I was so excited about spending quality time with both of my kids TOGETHER, it never occurred to me that it may drive me insane. Or that it would be overwhelming to think of the amount of days I’d have to entertain them.

Lucky for me (and you guys), I’d been working on a few lists to help us all survive the School Holidays. You can check those out below.

What has been your favourite thing about this week?  Check out my five things:

1. Gluten Free Biscuits

I only got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease a year ago, which means I was pretty ingrained in the art of eating crappy foods. But one food I loved a lot was the good ol’ oat biscuit. You know the one: oats, raisins, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, GLUTEN. SO MUCH GLUTEN.

So I’ve constantly been on the hunt for a decent recipe that makes me feel like I’m eating something similar. Well, guess what – not only did I find a recipe, I freaking created it myself.

Check out my Gluten Free Muesli Biscuits.

Gluten Free Muesli Biscuits


2. Things To Do: Kid Edition

Sometimes thinking of things to do for kids, can be freaking hard. My mind often goes blank, or it goes to the regular things: read a book, tv, go outside. And that’s it. So I’ve been working on an amazing list of 101 Things To Do With Your Kids.


3. Things To Do: Parent Edition

In the spirit of thinking of things to do for kids, I thought I’d put together a list specifically for parents. To give ourselves something to look forward to each day – because sometimes, like I said above, the thought of looking after the kids all day can be overwhelming.

Check out the 12 Things To do: Parent Edition.


4. 5:2 Diet

This week I started down a path I intend to continue for a while. I’ll write a whole blog about this, but I’m doing the 5:2 diet. Now I hate the word diet, and I’ve read the book and it also hates the word diet, so I’m going to say the 5:2 lifestyle change.

Five days of eating regularly (but as well as you can), with two days of fasting (500 calories only, per day). Not consecutive days either, you can split the fasting days up.

For starters … the sugar withdrawals have been intense. I’m still having them – but overall I feel great. Now to lose 15kgs ????


5. This Reward Chart

A while ago, I purchased this reward chart / stickers from The Warehouse Stationery as part of a campaign I was working on. I didn’t use them until earlier in the week when my daughter said “I want to go and see The Secret Life of Pets” … so I took the opportunity to set the chart up, and make her work for it HA! ????


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