Things To Do: The Parent Edition

Entertaining your kids during any time in your life, can be difficult. Which is why I write this list of 101 Things To Do With Your Kids. But what about us parents?!? What the heck are we supposed to do ourselves to get through??

Well here are 12 ideas to help you survive a rainy day, the school holidays, or even a boring weekend.  Click to download to your computer. Or take a screen shot and save it to your phone. Or pin it to your Pinterest …

  1. Make the kids breakfast, pop a movie on, and then have a coffee
  2. Mandatory 10am coffee time – tell the kids they can do whatever they want but you’re not doing anything for 15 minutes
  3. Drop the kids off at their grandparents, and visit Kmart
  4. Make play dough, then enjoy a coffee while your kids play (or fight)
  5. Open the door, set your kids free and enjoy a hot drink and/or check Snapchat
  6. Put your kids in their bedroom for a “play timeout”, sit down and enjoy a coffee whilst watching Netflix.
  7. Give the kids a spray bottle of water, set them free outside so that you can eat that chocolate bar that’s been calling your name (or the chips)
  8. Set up a colouring-in activity, and check your Facebook
  9. Fold the washing and make an activity out of “putting the washing away”. Who cares if it goes in the wrong drawer – they’re helping you do the dirty work!
  10. Book a day where the grandparents look after the kids, go home and do nothing
  11. Make coloured rice, and once the activity is set up, visit the toilet (take your phone so you can check Facebook or Snapchat)
  12. Visit a local playground; set your kids free; check your Facebook (whilst keeping an eye on the kids of course, we’re not monsters)
  13. Bake with the kids, eat the baking yourself and ENJOY IT. The kids probably won’t eat it anyway.
  14. Put a movie on and try to cook dinner (enjoy a wine)
  15. After the kids go to bed, start watching a movie and fall asleep


12 Things To Do: The Parent Edition

Here are links to some activities:

Check out more Activities for Kids here, and there are plenty of Recipes on my website as well. Perfect for any baking ideas, especially if you’re going to be the only one who eats it afterwards. Also if you’re after movie ideas, check out my list of Kids Movies that we love in this house.


12 Things To Do: The Parent Edition

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