Happy Birthday HMHC

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 6.28.20 amThis time 1 year ago, I was nervously taking my first step on this Happy Mum Happy Child journey.  Encouraged by my friend Tracey, from August Boutique (and many others), I started HMHC to document the activities I did with my children.

Making your own play dough, coloured rice, coloured pasta and paint were just some of many the things I have now got on this website.

My brother encouraged me to start blogging alongside it, which I did.  I have never been good at blogging, I only really write what I have in my head.  I’m not incredibly intelligent, or full of amazingly descriptive words, but I know what I like, and pretty much if it’s in my brain, it gets written down.

HMHC has literally saved me from going insane (well MORE insane).  It has given me purpose.  Direction.  I get excited when I think about you what to write, and where it is going in the future.

It makes me happy knowing that when I write something, like about how my kids are driving me insane, that you guys are going through something similar.  My journey has made me realise how many of us are in the same boat.

Me trying to blog …

And now, 1 year on, my team (that’s you!) and I have grown to 10,000+ followers on Facebook, almost 1,500 on Instagram … AND GROWING EVERY DAY!

If you’re reading this – THANK YOU.  From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for reading my blog posts.  Thank you for commenting, liking and sharing my Facebook craziness.

I truly believe we are in this together;  I can’t do this without you!!!  You fuel my craziness, and that makes you alright in my books.

So here’s a celebratory glass of bubbles, and let’s say CHEERS to the last year, and CHEERS to the next year.  Who knows what will happen!

Here’s the video I shared with my Facebook team:

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Congratulations hun, and happy blog birthday! I can’t wait to see where this blog adventure takes you next xo

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