I Am Allowed To Swear


I am a swearer; from WAY back. Not a prolific potty-mouth, but I do use the full range of my vocabulary to help me express how I feel.

For me, swear words are just words. They help me express myself, especially when I’m emotional; but they’re still just words.

I don’t use swear words to create drama, or insult people; they’re used to help me express my emotions.


When I became a parent, I really worked hard to try and stop swearing. It became apparent early on how much of a parrot kids can be, so it was important that I stopped swearing.

During the first year of parenting, what also became apparent to me was that I was slightly crazy; and had a need to express myself more than usual. So I couldn’t contain the swear words all of the time.

I have now come to terms with the fact that swearing is a part of my life; and I am ok with that. Because I look at swear words the way I do (as expressive words), it doesn’t bother me. I do make a conscious effort not to swear around my children, but sometimes they do pop out. Especially when I’m driving …

I teach my children that any words I say (accidental or not) are “adult words”, and that when they become an adult they can choose to use them or not. This was how I was raised.

Since I adopted this philosophy, my children haven’t sworn once around me.


I don’t get messaged a lot, but sometimes I get someone saying “you really should stop swearing around your kids” or “stop swearing on Snapchat because my kids watch it”. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen; and for the most part I can ignore it.

However one particular comment prompted me to write this blog post; one which I am entitled to write.

I am allowed to swear. I am allowed to use words to express how I feel, no matter what words those are.

If, as a person, you are offended by my swearing then that is on YOU and not on me. I do not swear to offend people. As I stated several times, I use words to help me express myself.

If you don’t like that, then that’s fine! We all live different lives, and like/dislike different things. It would be boring if we were all the same!

However what is not cool is saying that what I am doing is WRONG. Because it is not.


For the record, (as I said above) I do try my hardest not to swear. However on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc etc, I feel more open. I feel like I can express myself to you guys because you guys feel like my friends. What you see on social media is not what I’m like when my kids are around.

Do I speak like that to my kids – hell no. For the most part I try to hold my tongue (unless pushed).

If swearing offends you, then I am not sorry; because I do not swear to offend you personally. Please try and look at me as an actual human being – the fact that I swear does not define me as a person. I am about more than that.

HOWEVER, if you cannot look past this, then that is ok. Each to their own. It doesn’t make what I do wrong, it just means you don’t agree with it …..


Elite Daily puts it nicely and uses some science based facts as to why swearing is ok … highly recommend reading it as it does help to explain a few things ?

Also apparently swearing means you’re more intelligent. I DON’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP:


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