I Know Its A Scary Time, But Please Don’t Panic

I’m here in New Zealand and to date we have 28 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

No people have died.

I am very grateful for this but I also realise we are just at the beginning of this journey with Covid-19.

As someone who has anxiety, and worries a lot, naturally I am extremely worried about what the Coronavirus will do to this country; and our world.

I’m worried for my family, my friends, for people I don’t even know.

I’m worried my husband will lose his job, and we won’t be able to afford our mortgage, or to pay for power.

I’m worried about everything.

I do, however, try not to let this worry show because I don’t want my kids (6 & 8) to know anything’s wrong.

My kids are quite naive about what’s happening at the moment and honestly I’m happy about that.

I just want them to stay kids, and not worry about this.

They’re being taught at school the basics around the Coronavirus, and what they need to do to help keep themselves healthy – washing hands, etc.

We also have a basic discussion around it here at home, to reinforce the already imperative need to wash hands, but also to just chat about how they’re feeling.

They’re feelings usually always go to “I’m hungry” and nothing to do with the Coronavirus. Which is great.

One thing I’m not doing though, is I’m not panicking.

I’m not going out and bulk buying because I know that the supermarkets won’t run out of food.

I know that if a shelf is empty it doesn’t mean the food doesn’t exist, it simply means the staff haven’t had enough time to replenish it. Or the trucks can’t get there fast enough with stock.

We will not run out of food.

What’s happening is a few people panic buy, which depletes the stock and then the average person looks at it and panics thinking it’s out of stock.

It’s not out of stock.

Bulk buying only takes away from those who truly need it. There are people out there who are bulk buying “just in case”, which takes away from the people who buy because they live week to week.

Most of who want to do a normal grocery shop, or just get an extra pack of nappies, are struggling to find food.

So please spare a thought for these people, think about more than just yourself.

As a community, as a country, we will survive this.

We are strong.

We have this innate strength to make it through these kinds of things. I know we do.

We’re also parents – we deal with shit we’ve never dealt with before and make it through.

We have got this.


And afterwards we deserve a big glass of wine and a decent amount of therapy.

Because we will need it.

For now, let’s not panic ok? Feel free to worry though – because I am.

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