I’m Not A Bad Mum


I’m Not A Bad Mum

I wake up most days raring to go.

I’m excited. I’m ready. Give me coffee and I can do anything.

“Today will be a great day” I say to myself as I prepare for my kids to wake up and come out.

And then they do just that: they wake up and come out.

Within 30 seconds I can feel my heart starting to race: I’m about to yell. It’s only been 30 seconds, surely not Maria. Surely you don’t need to yell or even raise your voice so early in the morning. But I do …

Because kids are kids. They’re here to test us, to push us to our limits. They’re here to remind us we have no control …

Every day I struggle, but in no way does it make me a bad parent. I am not a bad Mum. I’m simply just struggling to deal with children, because I’m an adult and have forgotten what it’s light.

Here are some of the things I do that make me feel like a bad mum, even if I’m not:

  • I cry in front of my kids
  • I yell
  • I swear
  • I say “NO” too many times each day
  • “Stop putting that in your mouth” is a catch phrase of mine
  • My kids eat sugared treats every now-and-then
  • Some days my kids have cocktail sausages for lunch
  • Some days I turn on the TV so I can have a cup of coffee in peace, and check my Facebook
  • We eat cereal *gasp*
  • My kids probably watch too much TV
  • Our family motto is “a family that devices together, stays together” … as we all watch devices at the same time every-now-and-then
  • My kids eat Kinder Surprise Eggs
  • Sometimes my kids get McDonald’s Happy Meals
  • When my kids fight, sometimes I just say “I don’t care what you do, whoever wins wins”
  • I don’t vacuum every single day
  • I don’t wash my kids’ PJs every day

When I post about some of the things I do online, it makes me feel less alone. Suddenly I get people saying “hey I do that too” and I feel validated. Like I’m not the only one who tries their hardest but sometimes just throws their hands up and says “fine just lick the bowl” …

i have come to realise that:

  • There are parents out there who yell at their kids.
  • There are parents who haven’t tidied their house for a very long time.
  • There are parents who hate playing with play dough.
  • There are parents who do what they need to do to get through the day – even if that means giving a child a Kinder Surprise Egg
  • There are parents who are sure they’re screwing up their kids, just like I feel like I am.

So if there are other parents out there who feel and act the same as me, that means I’m not alone.

Surely that means I’m not a bad parent, right?!


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