My Advice To New Parents


My Advice To New Parents

We’ve all seen the “things you should know before you become a parent” or the “things no one tells you about being a parent” … been there, done that. Well here’s some advice from me to you. I’ve only had two kids … but two is enough.

This is advice given from my own experience. Feel free to add your own advice in the comments below …

  1. Having a child will change your life
  2. It’s ok to be scared
  3. It’s ok to feel like your life is over
  4. It’s ok to not connect with your child as soon as they’re born
  5. It’s ok to not love your child as soon as they’re born
  6. Poo WILL be a talking point, whether you want it to, or not
  7. Stains on your clothes are inevitable
  8. Your relationship will be tested
  9. You will come to realise a hot drink will never be finished
  10. You will cry
  11. Sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time will become a thing of the past
  12. EVERYTHING changes with time
  13. Your baby will grow up and change
  14. When you think you’re alone – I want you to know you’re not
  15. Don’t ever compare your baby to someone else’s – no two people in life are exactly the same
  16. If you don’t want to leave your house – you don’t have to
  17. Embrace the internet
  18. Embrace Netflix
  19. Don’t stress about a tidy house
  20. Don’t worry if you eat takeaways
  21. Formula feed or breast feed – do whatever works for you and keeps you and your baby happy
  22. Remember that people will judge you, but it doesn’t mean they’re right
  23. Everyone has an opinion – listen to what they’re saying and take what you want from it
  24. You might feel like you’re losing friends, but chances are they maybe just don’t know what to do
  25. Remember to look at the internet and take everything you see with a grain of salt – a photo hardly defines an entire parents life: one moment does not mean they have a perfect life.

My advice to new parents is that it may not be what you think it will be like – and that’s ok.

Ultimately you may feel alone and like you’re f’ing it up, but I know for a fact you won’t be. Parenting may not be what you expect, or it may well be – but whatever happens you won’t be doing anything wrong.

New parents here’s a massive heads up – it may well be easy for you! You may not experience ANY of what I’ve said! But chances are at least one thing will be on your list. One thing will take you by surprise.

Parenting is a wonderful journey and experience, but at times it’s really difficult.

Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. You do what you do to survive, and it may not be easy. Whatever you experience will be YOUR experience, and there’s nothing wrong with that.



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