I’m Taking A Step Back…


I’m Taking A Step Back & Taking A Stand

Now before you roll your eyes, let me just explain a couple of things. I’ll use bullet points to keep it simple:

  • I’m a people pleaser
  • I want people to like me
  • Since DAY 1 of Happy Mum Happy Child, I have interacted 100% with my audience – whether it’s commenting, or simply liking your comment to show I’ve seen it
  • I care about what you guys think, and I value your opinions (as long as you use kind words)
  • I feel like I know who a lot of you are from interacting so much

I am very committed to my audience; to you guys. For the last three years I feel like we have become friends (in a weird internet way). As such, I have put a lot of myself into Happy Mum Happy Child.

However my audience has now grown to such a size that means there is a lot more to deal with.

  • A lot of opinions
  • A lot of amazing kind parents
  • A lot of hate

I still have a lot of things to learn in life, including about myself, and recently it seems I need to get thicker skin if I’m going to survive in this social media world.


So I’ve decided to take a step back (so to speak). I’m still going to continue doing things EXACTLY THE SAME, except when posts go crazy (get lots of likes and comments) I’m probably not going to interact much with them.

I’ll still read all of the comments (of course, because I’m addicted) but you might not get a response from me. If it’s a negative comment you definitely won’t get a response from me.

You guys know my stance on using words.

What you guys might not know (or perhaps you’ve guessed because sometimes I’m too much of an open book) is that sometimes your words do hurt my feelings.

Sometimes the followers I’ve known for a long time can suddenly give me their opinion and it can hurt a lot. Especially if it gets said over and over again.

Sometimes the followers I’ve known, and interacted with a lot, can suddenly decide not to like me anymore. This bit breaks my heart because it feels like I’ve lost a friend.

I know – I need to get thicker skin. I need to not care about what people think. But sadly it is who I am.

SO, I am going to put my foot down a little.

If people can’t be kind to me online, then they won’t get a response from me (I know that’s common sense but sometimes I can’t help myself LOL). If the words are very bad, they’ll get banned from my page and blocked.

If I feel hurt by your words, then I may remove myself from the situation with you.

With Snapchat (happymumnz), I interact a lot more than a lot of people do out there with large social media followings. I don’t have a huge audience by any means, but its large enough.

If you pass judgement on me about something without checking with me first, I’m going to block you from my Snapchat. If you use unkind words – I’m going to block you.

If you spread lies about me (which has been happening a lot lately) – I’m going to block you. If you believe these lies, and then make an accusation – I’m going to block you.

Dick pics? BLOCK (LOLOLOL yes I’ve received these).


I’m an all inclusive kind of gal, and love hearing all opinions and what you have to say, but as my social media following grows larger it’s getting a bit out of hand and I need to now protect myself because it’s starting to affect my mental health.

Recently a lot of untruths are being said out there in the social media world about me which has really broken my heart. Remember that not everything you hear online is true.

Keep doing what you’re doing though because the majority of you are very kind individuals and I value you and your opinions.

But it’s got to the point now where I do need to take a step back from some things, and take a bit of a stand about others.

Does that make sense?


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