Your Opinion Matters


Your Opinion Matters

I am the type of person who LOVES knowing what others do. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t give a sh*t about that – because as long as you love your children, you’re doing it right.

There is no wrong: there’s just the way that works for you.

HOWEVER, obviously I can’t always share a “middle of the road” post and be generic, so what I do is I share MY way of doing things.

This helps parents feel less alone – because they see it and either identify with it, or identify with someone’s way of doing it in the comments.

I share more and more of the way I do things in the hopes that it reaches more and more people.


Opinions are fine – nasty words are not. I am trying my best to educate parents (heck anyone) that it’s ok to share your opinion without getting nasty.

That it’s ok to HAVE an opinion different to others and still maintain a civil relationship. I have friends who raise their children completely different from me, and we are still friends. We can still have a conversation about things without it turning nasty.

There is no need to put someone else down because of their opinion.

Just because I stand up for that fact, that using nasty words isn’t necessary, DOES NOT mean I disagree with the opinion.

I simply disagree with the way people have worded it.

We should be able to have a civil conversation about things, we are adults remember.

So I am going to continue on my quest in helping parents feel less alone, and talk about topics in an adult way.

I will be promoting my “everyone has an opinion so let’s embrace it with kind words and respect”. You don’t need to bring someone else down to get your idea across.

You are not right when it comes to opinions. Nobody is right.

We are all doing our best in this parenting world, and the more we can accept the fact that we’re all in it together, the better.

I personally want to raise my children to realise this: that everyone is entitled to have an opinion and they don’t need to be cruel when they find out someone else is doing it differently.

I want to help raise the next generation to realise that having an opinion makes you unique and we should be celebrated, not torn down, for this.

Do you think you can handle someone having a different opinion from your own?


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