It’s Ok To Stop

This is my post to say to you as a parent – if you’re sick, it’s ok to stop.


It’s ok to say to your kids “TV is on ALL DAY”

It’s ok to say “I’m lying on the couch, I don’t care what you do”

It’s ok to ask for help

It’s ok to not do your washing

It’s ok to leave the house a mess

It’s ok to stop

It’s ok to not cook dinner

It’s ok to have random shit for dinner – spaghetti from a tin, or toast, or scrambled eggs

It’s ok to have takeaways

it’s ok to bitch and moan

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to wish you were somewhere else

It’s ok to eat crappy food

It’s ok to do whatever the f*k you want!!!


When you’re sick – IT’S OK TO DO ANYTHING YOU WANT

In fact … want to know a secret? Even if you’re not sick, it’s also ok to do this. But we all know that when we’re sick, parenting is a million times harder.

Don’t be hard on yourself, in fact the easier you make it for yourself the better.

If you have a baby – then shit that is TOUGH. A toddler is one thing, but a baby is another. If you have a baby – just remember that a child does not need entertaining 24/7. This rule applies to a toddler too. OR ANY HUMAN BEING.

Being bored is good for kids – it lets them use their imagination.

WHATEVER YOU DO, look after yourself. Take vitamins. Drink water. REST REST REST as much as you can. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING all the time.

If you have a partner then communicate with them. TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW YOU ARE FEELING.

When you’re sick, it’s your body’s way of saying “slow down and let me get better”.

So do just that if you can.

PS nothing against solo parents, because I know that shit’s not easy. In fact, when I was my sickest my husband, my parents AND my in-laws were all not around. So I was doing it alone. hence why – “it’s ok to stop”. Because it is.

On flights they say “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting your child” – this is the same. Look after yourself first so you can look after your kids.


It’s Ok To Stop

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