Wertheim Series 7 Vacuum Review

Wertheim Series 7 Vacuum Review

Before I jump into this review, I’d first like to say thank you to Godfreys for gifting me the Wertheim Series 7 Vacuum to review. All opinions are of course my own regardless that this is a sponsored post.

I’d also like to say that my CURRENT vacuum cleaner is a bagged cleaner, and I’ve never experienced anything other than a bagged cleaner – so I did actually ask some of my audience what they thought about the difference between bagged and bagless. The answer to that is below in the results section…


The Wertheim Series 7 Vacuum is a bagged vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum comes with three different vacuum heads, and three additional tools. Each vacuum head has it’s own purpose:

  1. Combination Floor Tool – multi purpose combination floor tool easily switches from a carpet cleaning tool to a hard floor tool. The swivel neck and plastic wheels make this floor tool easy to manoeuvre.
  2. Hard Floor Turbo Tool – specifically designed for removing dirt and debris from hard floors.
  3. Powerhead – Whirlwind Power Pulse technology deeply cleans carpets by effectively lifting and removing deeply embedded dust and dirt.

And each tool has it’s own purpose:

  1. Upholstery Tool – for Vacuuming furniture and upholstery.
  2. Crevice Tool – to eliminate dust from hard to reach places.
  3. Dusting Brush – Ideal for cleaning blinds, bookshelves and lampshades.

The Wertheim Series 7 has a 4-stage filtration system (with Germastadt technology) in the dust bag. This removes harmful Asthma causing dust and allergens (perfect for my child with Asthma); it also neutralises odours.

The Wertheim 7 picks up more than 36% more dirt* than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum handle actually has a power button AND control settings – so you can control the suction power – to suit different cleaning needs.


After unboxing the vacuum, I immediately attached the Powerhead to it, and turned it on.

When you first turn it on, the control settings for the Powerhead aren’t on. So when I switched it on the vacuum took on a life of it’s own and felt like it dug itself into my carpet a bit.

The Combination and Hardfloor vacuum heads act like relatively “normal” vacuum heads and suck up the dust and dirt.

The Powerhead actually has bristles that turn and push into the carpet – which vibrates and releases more dirt and debris than you would normally get out with the other two heads.

I tried all three vacuum heads, and my favourite was the Powerhead – it made the carpet feel and look new again. I was genuinely shocked.

I also tried the Powerhead on dried rice and playdough and it did a good job – it couldn’t get the really ingrained stuff (that I even had trouble getting out with my hands) but I wasn’t concerned.

I also tried each of the tools out that come with the Wertheim Series 7, and found them to be very good too at getting into those hard to reach places, or even when dusting down.

Nobody likes dusting so this does help!

Before & After using the Powerhead
Before and After – Playdough and Rice (with the Powerhead)


As I said above, I have never experienced a bagless vacuum cleaner, so have always had to buy bags. As I didn’t have anything to compare the two, I asked a small group of people if they had a bagless/bagged vacuum, and what they thought.

The overwhelming response was that “a bagless vacuum cleaner is good, but a bagged is even better”. One person said she had had multiple bagless vacuums and nothing compared to the bagged one she first had.

I personally have no issues with bagged vacuum cleaners, and the Wertheim Series 7 is no different.

As I stated above, the Wertheim Series 7 removes more than 36% more dirt than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner.


I really liked the Wertheim Series 7 vacuum. I honestly felt like the carpet hadn’t been vacuumed that well in a long long time (especially with the Powerhead). Also, as overwhelming it felt to have so many tools at my disposal, I really love the options I have with the vacuum.

The only TWO points I’d like to make that were possible issues were that the Powerhead does make the vacuum slightly heavier and not as easy to manoeuvre as the other vacuum heads. Of course I do understand that it’s got it’s own motor in it and it does a completely different job in the fact that it’s basically giving your carpet a deep clean.

And secondly as I said above, sometimes it was overwhelming to have so many different vacuum heads at my disposal. I got used to it though …

Something that really tickled my fancy was the automatic power cord button which sucks it back in once you’ve finished using it. You might say “What the heck Maria?!” but our current vacuum cleaner does not have this – I have to roll the cord up MANUALLY. This wee button is a lifesaver for me!


You can get your Wertheim Series 7 Vacuum from Godfreys.

* Independent laboratory tested 2017. GFK Australian Sales Data May 2017.


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