When I Don’t Want To Do It Anymore


When I Don’t Want To Do It Anymore

Some days I really struggle to stay motivated and be happy, especially if something has happened and I can’t verbally speak about it and/or defend myself (drama llama on the internet).

On Monday I really struggled and had some pretty terrible thoughts go through my head. It really didn’t help that my husband was away at the time (and still is), so I thought I’d let you in on how it is exactly I got through that moment …


1. My Husband
He really is my rock. He’s my best friend and my sounding board for when things turn a little shit. Obviously he wasn’t there when I needed him (he’s overseas), but I still sent him an email pouring my guts out in the hopes that he would understand. Phil is very level-headed and does an amazing job of offering support whilst being able to show me that it’s not the end of the world.

2. The Lisa’s
Lisa Stirling (No Filter Mum) and Lisa Hays (Owl & Monkey) are truly amazing friends. The internet is both a fantastic and horrible place at the same time, and for me, meeting them (online) was one of the best things ever. We talk to each other multiple times a day, and they’re the ones who really cop the brunt of my shit. Phil is great, but sometimes the Lisa’s really understand more about this social media world, and can totally see what is happening.

3. You
Believe it or not, you guys are a freaking wonderful help. My Snapchat followers (add me on Snapchat – happymumnz) are truly one of a kind. I almost don’t have to say anything and people are there offering up kind words of support, or even just an emoji heart to show that they’re there.

4. Taking A Step Back
When things get bad and I have terrible thoughts, I have to take a step back. Something clearly isn’t right so whilst I might have all the support in the world, I still need to focus on myself and my mental health.

I now realise that things are changing for myself with social media – my audience is growing larger and I can see people changing right in front of my eyes. I have been devastated to see this happen. So I do have to take a step back a bit to protect myself. I love what I do, but I need to get thicker skin; I need to realise that to some people, this is just a game.  It’s not a game for me so I need to remove myself a step and worry about me, and not them.

5. Tomorrow Is A New Day
Whilst I might have bad thoughts on one day, I do know that each day is different. No two days are the same. So I go to bed each night knowing that tomorrow will be better than the last. I know that whatever I’m feeling in the moment, will not be the same in 24 hours.


Like I said above, I love doing what I do, which is why I’m grateful to my husband, the Lisa’s and you (where you can) to help support me. I am also a very positive person, who sometimes gets down, so I use the above tools to help me get through and take me back to that positive track I’m usually on.

When you have some bad moments in your life – how do you get through?


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