LEGO Will Be Releasing A ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Set So Get Excited

You read it right – LEGO has just announced it will be making a Winnie The Pooh LEGO set under it’s LEGO Ideas umbrella.

A while ago LEGO created a LEGO Ideas submission website. The Winnie the Pooh set called 100 Acre Wood by user @benlouisa is one of those.

The whole process has taken about a year from original submission, to approval date.

Here’s the original idea from benlouisa. Bear in mind this is just a fan-made creation. So whilst it’s approved, it may or may not be the final product. However, it looks freaking amazing …

At this stage, because it’s just been approved to be made, we aren’t sure whether this will be the final product, or if it will be changed.

So the as I said above, the images are NOT the final product.

So stay tuned for more information – including the release date!

What do you think? Would you buy this?

I’ll be buying it in a heartbeat!!!


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