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Each week I get about 5-10 private messages about different scenarios that people need assistance with.

Often I refer them to my Happy Mum Happy Child & August Boutique’s VIP Page on Facebook, where people can ask questions.  This is only because I only post a certain amount each day on my main page, and often the spaces are full / used.  And the exposure on my VIP page may be greater than my own page.

However, it has become apparent that often people are wanting my specific opinion on something, and I will give it, but if I can’t, that’s when I ask.

SO … this is the beginning of Ask Happy Mum Happy Child.

Kelly from Love on Paper

I am just a Mum with 2 kids, and by no-means experienced in all things parenting.  I do have post natal depression, and can talk for hours on my own experience.  HOWEVER, I felt it necessary to team up with Kelly from Love on Paper.

Kelly is the Mum of FIVE amazing children.  Her eldest is 13, and her youngest is 7 months old.  So she has experience.  LOADS of it.  And she is nuts.  Just like me.

And I have … well … I have the idiot’s perspective HAHA!

I’m going to dedicate my Sunday night to this time – the crazy, almost-Monday time … where you can come and read other people’s questions and our answers.  You can answer too though because EVERYONE who has ever asked me anything, always appreciates answers.  Plus it means those who aren’t comfortable asking similar questions, get the answers too.

So if you have a question, please private message me on Happy Mum Happy Child, or just write it in the comments (either here or on Facebook)

What do you think?  Would you be willing to join me on this journey and help someone else?


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