New Zealand’s First Parenting Chat Show Goes LIVE

New Zealand’s First Parenting Chat Show Goes LIVE

Two years ago I had an idea to have a series of couch conversations with parents. Back then though, I was going to call in the NZ Mum’s View.

The driving force behind it was to have a dedicated chat show helping parents discuss parenting issues.

Obviously life does happen, and it took a while for my idea to really take effect and by the time I was ready, it needed a name change; because I wanted it to be about parenting and not just about Mums.

There are a lot of breakfast shows out there that discuss all types of topics – from parenting, to sports, to book reviews / movie reviews, etc etc. And I feel there is something missing specifically for parents.

I felt like I had nothing to watch of interest that was specific to me, and I felt like I could change that.

Part of the reason it’s taken so long to happen is because a part of me was scared to do it – scared to take a step into the unknown and do something that could potentially be BIG.

I also had no idea where to start or what to do.

So after a year, my big change happened – the name change. The Parenting View was born, and out of that I also created a Facebook Group. This has now got over 15,000 members and is a place for parents to come and chat about everything.

I gained the support of my friends, and slowly my confidence built to start this show.

For the last year or so I have been worried though – that someone will come along and use my idea and do their own show. So it was important for me to do this for that reason too; especially because I had been talking about it in my social media circles.

But now it is here, and it is here to stay.

Episode one is out now on YouTube and on Facebook.

The chat is between myself and Lisa Stirling (No Filter Mum) and Lisa Hays (Owl & Monkey). We will be chatting together for the first few episodes until I get my bearings around what I’m doing and eventually we will have other guests.

I want to be able to talk about everything – from struggling with pregnancy, to tantruming toddlers. Even want to tackle vaccinations and the smacking debate – but I want to have professionals involved in those shows to get a broader perspective.

Would love you to follow my YouTube channel and of course keep an eye on my Facebook page too.

I am very very excited about this moment as it really has been a long time coming.


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