Post Natal Depression

This page is dedicated to my own experience with Post Natal Depression, which I still suffer.  These are all of the posts related to it.  You can email me any time to chat, or with questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

Asking For Help

ASKING FOR HELP Asking for help isn’t easy. It means we have to admit we’re in a position where we need it, and as dumb

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Support for Parents

  Post Natal Depression – Support For Parents I speak a lot about my post-natal depression journey, and my emotions, so I thought I’d write

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Parenting Truths

  PARENTING TRUTHS? ———————— I’ve written about this before.  The Truths of Parenting.  You can read it here.  I’ve actually just started a video series

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Dealing With The Bad Days

  DEALING WITH THE BAD DAYS —————————– After I forgot to take my post-natal depression medication last night, I had quite a horrific day today.

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