Check out these recipes that are great for the whole family! They range from the simple (No Yeast Pizza) to the complicated (Cronuts). Also, be sure to check out my Allergy Friendly page for recipes for those with specific dietary requirements.

Sugar Free Biscuits

These biscuits are not only sugar free, they are also gluten free, dairy free, and if you want, they can be nut free. Super easy

Gluten Free Date & Coconut Slice

This was my third attempt at baking gluten free goods, my first attempt at this particular recipe and I felt it came out really well.

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Vanilla Cupcakes

A very simple and basic vanilla cupcake recipe.  This particular recipe is from  I actually didn’t have any flour in the house (WTF MARIA?!)

Chocolate chip Biscuits by Happy Mum Happy Child
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

This recipe is a tried and tested Chelsea Sugar Chocolate Chip Biscuit recipe.  The only thing I did differently, was add M&M’s rather than chocolate chips:

Pizza Pinwheels

  Pizza Pinwheels This takes about 10 minutes to prepare, 15 minutes to cook, meaning you can do it RIGHT NOW for lunch 😀 I

Spaghetti Sausages

This is a neat lunch idea that takes about 5 mins to prepare, and 7 mins to cook.  It can be a bit fiddly but

Chocolate Crackle

Chocolate Crackle   They say that Chocolate Crackle is perfect for birthday parties, but I just liked to eat it myself and tell people they were

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Chocolate Balls

These chocolate balls are quite possibly a reason I’m still overweight….. You can freeze these after making them, and pull them out to add to

Jelly Ice Blocks

Jelly Ice Blocks These ice blocks are BRILLIANT.  Made with jelly and water, they hold extremely well together, meaning when eaten by your child (or

Super Easy Pancakes

This recipe will take 5 mins (or less) to whip up and is DELICIOUS. This particular recipe is Martha Stewart’s.  To make this recipe Gluten

Christmas Recipes
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Grinch Fruit Kebabs

In true Christmas spirit, there’s nothing like these Grinch Fruit Kebabs. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Grapes Strawberries Bananas Marshmallows Tooth Picks WHAT TO DO Slice the

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Homemade Custard

Here’s my go-to homemade custard recipe that I used when my kids were babies.  It’s made FROM SCRATCH. It is absolutely delicious. You can store

Christmas Recipes
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

The Amazing Coleslaw Recipe

© Chef John from Food Wishes The Amazing Coleslaw Recipe This truly is an AMAZING coleslaw. We’ve used this recipe several times, and always have rave

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

French Toast Roll-Ups

Perfect for a special occasion or for a treat – I’ll be using this one for Christmas Day!  Fill with cream cheese, fruit, jam, nutella …

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Gran’s Christmas Cake

THIS is the Christmas Cake to make.  I promise you – you won’t regret it.   Especially considering the amount of alcohol it has in

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