Sharing Content On Social Media


Sharing Content On Social Media

Time and time again I get asked “can you please share my stuff?“. Or I hear “how am I supposed to grow big unless you (or others like you) share me?“.

How can I grow an audience like you Maria?

For me, I am careful with who and what I share. I make sure I know the person / business first, and then I consider whether or not the content would be relevant for my audience.

This goes for sponsored content too (as I have told you in the past) – I am picky with who I work with.

I have been like this since the beginning – I make sure my share is a genuine share; so that people trust what I’m talking about.

I have shared some wonderful people, posts AND businesses in the past; all of whom I have a connection with, and all of whom I’d happily recommend / talk about in a heart beat.

Ultimately, if you want to build your audience: create original content and connect with your audience.

Don’t rely on others to do your job for you.


In the beginning I would have done anything to get people to share my page, but reality is no one really wanted to, so I did it myself.

I have learned a lot since then, and I’m still learning. In fact, here’s what I found helped.

YES a share will help, but you need to have the content to ensure people stay. So work on your content. If you want someone to share your work you have to ensure your work is share worthy.

Don’t just show up and expect a share from someone who doesn’t know you – build a relationship with the person; a genuine one.

Too many times I have never ever heard from someone until they want me to share their content, and then they will get upset when I don’t / can’t do it.

We’re all in this together, but you have to put some effort in too. You cannot expect someone who doesn’t know you, or someone you’ve never interacted with before, to suddenly share your work.

If someone can’t share your content, don’t take it personally. For me, a share is not something I just give out, and that’s the same for a lot of people. Go back to the first two points above and just keep working on those two things.


Building an audience isn’t easy, and for most it takes a long time, with a lot of effort. If it was easy, we’d all have millions of followers!

By all means, you can ask me to share your content (and others too) but be prepared for the answer to be “no” or “perhaps another time”.

Don’t take it personally – it might just not work for the person at the time.

Your self worth is not defined by the number of shares you get, or how quickly you grow your business. CONTENT IS KING.

PS it has taken me a really long time to get to this point in my Social Media life. I use to anguish over the fact no one would share my content. I’ve learned though that sometimes it’s not meant to be and to just “keep swimming”. When one door closes, another opens.




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