Sick kids suck …

My daughter (almost 3) has been sick FOUR times in the last 8 weeks.  3 colds, and 1 hand foot & mouth.  As a stay at home mum, whenever she gets sick, I’m always devastated.  We don’t go to playgroups, or daycare, and barely mingle with other people.  So when HFM came to our house, I was very upset.  After a visit to the doctor, he explained that kids can catch it from the Supermarket.  And because she was already on her second cold, her wee immune system wasn’t able to fight it off.

Now my 9 month old has caught the cold.  And surprisingly, is dealing with it a lot better than my daughter.

During the night my daughter coughs so much it keeps her awake.  She then screams out for us and wakes our son up.  So we end up bringing her in bed with us – which is a disaster as none of us (apart from her) end up sleeping.  Last night was particularly tough as BOTH kids were up.

Most of us have been there, so we can relate – having sick kids suck.



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