This Makes Me Sad


A friend, and fellow team member, sent me this image of an article in the Bay of Plenty Times this weekend:

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I am ridiculously saddened by this article.

This just goes to show that sunscreen is essential, but is NOT the only part of protecting our children from the harsh rays of the sun.

As parents WE KNOW that children need protection.  Sunscreen, however can be expensive.  I’m not saying this is an excuse, but it’s the truth.  As the article shows though, the price can vary depending on where you shop.

We do our best to protect our children, but we also want them to learn and grow as individuals.  Which means getting outside and ENJOYING life without worrying about killing themselves in the process.

Sun protection in the form of shade on our playgrounds is INCREDIBLY important for this.

Skin Dermatology Institute dermatologist Dr Ben Tallon says “While I would fully support subsidised sunscreen, I have a bias towards providing adequate sun shade in the form of protection in parks, playgrounds, pools and also for wearing hats”

So even the experts say that shade is needed.

Parents can slip, slop, slap as much as they want, but ultimately if a child plays outside in the open sun, they are at risk of skin cancer.

Obviously the whole country can’t be shaded, but let’s do our best to ensure at LEAST our playgrounds are.  Which are PURPOSE BUILT for children to play on.

What more do I need to do to get the council to take me seriously?  I want ALL playgrounds covered.  With a minimum of the major, highly populated area ones to be done first.

Do not expect us parents to lie down on this.  Our children are our future, and we will protect them – by standing up for their rights to play on a playground ANY time of the day.

If you want to make a difference, even a small one, please sign my petition.

I promise you, one way or another, I will get something changed in our system.  Will you help me and support me?  Because so far, you guys have been AMAZING ❤️


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