What Happens If Something Bad Happens To You?


What Happens If Something Bad Happens To You

I was moving a lot of stuff out into the garage today and had the strangest thought come over me.

I was moving a full length mirror down some stairs, and I suddenly thought “what if I dropped this on myself right now and I got all cut up and bled so much I passed out” … (morbid I know)

“What would my kids do?”

“Do my kids even know what to do?”

“How would Chloe know who to ring?”

So I went inside and asked her what the emergency number was, and she said “Um … 1, 1, oh I don’t know”.

So I explained it was 111.

I then asked if she knew how to make a phone call – she didn’t.

We don’t have a house phone; only cellphones; so I showed her what to do.

She also doesn’t know our address. Not because I haven’t told her, but because she can’t remember it yet.

OH SHIT … If something bad was to happen I don’t think she could confidently phone someone and tell them something was wrong.

Do you guys ever worry about that? How do you deal with it?

Obviously I know Chloe needs to learn where we live, but all of that takes time. Just like learning how to make a phone call on a cellphone (although I know that one is easier for her to pick up).

Should I be worried about this? Do I need flash cards?

It just suddenly dawned on me that I need to start thinking about this. I would HATE for something to happen to me (or Phil) and the kids not know what to do or to be stuck.

UPDATE: check out this amazing song designed to help kids learn how to dial 111 in an emergency!



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