Who I Follow Online

Who I Follow Online

Not surprisingly, I don’t get a lot of time to “browse” the internet like I used to. I spend a lot of my time doing research, or looking at parenting related sites for inspiration.

Or I’m looking after my kids.

Over the years, I have come across some awesome sites / blogs / businesses and have continued to follow them. Some of them have even become close friends with me, which has been a blessing.

Because of this, I thought I’d share some of these people who I follow online:



No Filter Mum
Lisa Stirling is No Filter Mum, and one of my close friends. She blogs about her life as a parent, about plus size fashion and anything that tickles her fancy. Lisa is known for telling it how it is, and taking weird snaps of her cats.

Lisa has a YouTube channel, a Facebook page AND you should definitely give her a follow on Snapchat: nofiltermum

My Kids Lick The Bowl
Stacey is passionate about food for kids, and since she has a degree in food nutrition, she’s decided to put it to good use in her blog.

Emily Writes
Emily is her name, Writes is not her last name … shock horror! But she is a writer, and a damn good one at that. She constantly has me nodding or laughing at her stories and she is definitely worth following.

The Notorious MUM
Yet another Lisa in my life, this Lisa is an Australian Mum of three and I love reading her perspective on life. She doesn’t hold back, and often swears AND drinks. No complaints from me!

How To Dad (video blog)
Jordan is How To Dad and is hilarious with his “how to” tutorials on being a parent. Highly recommend following him for a good laugh, and an insight into being a Kiwi dad.

Tova Leigh
Tova is an American Mum living in the UK with her husband. Known for her hilariously accurate videos, she is most definitely worth following for a laugh, and sometimes even a cry. She’s also a good bitch, which goes far in life.



Owl & Monkey
Lisa from Owl & Monkey is also one of my close friends and does some AMAZING work. Owl & Monkey is her business where she predominantly hand-makes tutu’s for kids (or adults if you want!). She also does hair accessories for children, onesies and does amazing glass decals. My personal favourite is my “#winetime” decal which is on my wine glass hehe

Check out her website here, and also give her a follow on Snapchat (owlandmonkeynz)!

August Boutique
My friend Tracey runs August Boutique, and it’s a shop full of amazing products for your kids. You can get anything from cooking, to feeding, to collectibles – her website is a hub of kid-friendly products.

Into The Moon
Helen is another good friend, and makes the most AMAZING hand poured soy candles. The fragrances are to die for. My personal favourite is Salted Caramel, but also love Pink Peony. Helen also make Aromatherapy Diffuser Lockets with custom blended Essential Oils.

Sleepytot NZ
The Sleepytot, Lulla Doll, Baby Shusher, Ultrasonic Vapourisers – you name it, Sleepytot has it. All about helping your child relax and get to sleep – Fiona has an amazing range on her website.

Busy Bags
Aimee runs Busy Bags and from the get-go I have loved what she did. We have over 10 bags now, and I’ll keep buying from her and recommending her and her products to everyone. Busy Bags are hands-on learning activities for little hands and inquiring minds; they provide engaging educational activities, in grab-and-go bags.

I discovered Sarah and her Hellesteeth brand when it was in one of the Kickstarter phases. I loved it from the beginning and will always love everything Sarah does. Hellesteeth is all about teething toys for brutal babies. Heavily inspired by Vikings, the Hellesteeth range is perfect for your teething baby/child.

Pepper & Me
The cult, the legend: Pepper & Me products are truly amazing. Born from a want to support breastfeeding naturally, Pepper & Me products were great for boosting lactation. Now it’s almost a cult – the products are not just for breastfeeders, and add flavour to any dish; I personally highly recommend them. Cherie is a magician and has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking – and it’s been worth it!

Jewell Sparkle
Juliet from Jewell Sparkle makes the most amazing earrings. I discovered her through a Mum business page, and through Lisa from No Filter Mum (and Lisa from Owl & Monkey … like I said, too many Lisa’s). She gave me a pair of her earrings and from then I was hooked!

The Lunchbox Queen
Myself and TLQ have had an ongoing relationship for a few years now and she truly is amazing at what she does – which is provide an endless supply of lunchbox options for our kids. Also included in her range are sandwich cutters, wrap holders, food picks and so much more! Well worth checking out her website.



As well as all of the above businesses / blogs, here are some additional pages that I follow on Facebook:

How To Be A Dad

Hurrah For Gin

Close To Classy

Ramblin’ Mama

The 21st Century SAHM


So these are the people I predominantly follow online. Of course there are more but I can’t list every single person because this blog would be too long. At some point I’ll do a part 2, but for now this is my list.

Who do you love following online?


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