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Stocking Fillers!

I’m not quite at the stage yet where I am able to sell my Activity Boxes, so instead I’m going to be selling the super


I just found these SUPER adorable erasers – colourful macarons!  And they come apart too – perfect for toddlers to play with.  I will actually

I couldn’t help myself …

I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!  And here’s one I found thanks to a post from Tasty Toddler Food.  These awesome drinking jars, with straw, were $2

Sandpit Fun

We bought those clamshell sandpits from Bunnings one year and have been using them now for a while, however the sun has basically damaged them

Mum Problem #165

I seriously couldn’t make this shit up – felt a bit uncomfortable in my bra the other day, so checked it out.  Yup.  Fully wrapped

Christmas is fast approaching!

I hate using the C word in October, but when I got these two little angels, I couldn’t help myself. We got these Sonny Angels

Sonny Angels!

OMG Check out these CUTE little boy angel dolls with my erasers! My daughter LOVES THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously.  I never use that amount of exclamation marks.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I need your help!!!

We’re all partial to a little bribery, right?! Well I’m trying to build my base so that I can help out as many parents as possible

Take A Photo Thursday …

I’ve decided to start a Thursday tradition on Facebook: taking a photo of what I’m doing in the afternoon on that day, and will encourage

Another Giveaway

I have a goal to get to 1000 likes on my Facebook Page and then I will be starting to talk about my ideas around

Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Sick kids suck …

My daughter (almost 3) has been sick FOUR times in the last 8 weeks.  3 colds, and 1 hand foot & mouth.  As a stay at

Top 5 Posts for September

September was a bit of a quiet month on the blog front.  Sick kids, husband was away, feeling a bit lazy – all these things

Picnic Time

We are stuck at home this week thanks to a nasty virus, so instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, I thought we would have a

My First Giveaway …

I bought these AWESOME erasers from a little bargain store and they have blown my mind. Not only are they adorable, but they have provided

Solo Mums …

Or as I like to call them – Super Women.  Honestly, I don’t know how they do it full time. My husband has just been away


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