Friday Favourites: The One About Being Sick



The One About Being Sick

Friday Favourites - Being Sick

This week I got hideously sick.  Bedridden.  Couldn’t move.  Ok, no not quite that bad, but it felt like it – I just had a cold.  I didn’t really care what my kids got up to, as long as it didn’t involve my brain having to work.  So here are my favourites from this week – a couple of them don’t have anything to do with being sick, but more the fact I think they’re awesome.


1. Favourite Thing – TGOMA Technology

Chloe Trampoline

We have a Springfree Trampoline and my boy absolutely LOVES it.  However, the girl was VERY apprehensive.  Almost to the point she would scream when I suggested she went on the trampoline.  The TGOMA technology, love it or hate it, has helped her IMMENSELY in relaxing and learning to love the trampoline.  Thanks Springfree Trampoline!  You can read more about our experience, and 10 Fun Things To Do On A Springfree Trampoline here.


2. Favourite Food or Drink – Barker’s Lemon, Honey & Ginger

Barkers Lemon Honey GingerImage: Barkers of Geraldine

I was sick this week, and I happened to have some of Barker’s Lemon, Honey & Ginger fruit syrup in the pantry.  I bit the bullet (I hate ginger), and made a strong glass with HOT water and it not only was delicious, but cleared my nose (thanks hot, steamy, water!).  So that was a bonus! Truly appreciated every drop of it.


3. Favourite Kids’ Thing – Library Books!

Library Books

This week, I got my A into G and got a Library Card.  So my kids have been twice now to get books out and absolutely love it.  I’ve even dedicated a shelf in the lounge to the Library Books, so that we don’t lose them (HA!  Like that’ll help haha) … You can read about why I haven’t gotten Library books out until now, here.


4. Favourite Product – Fern Feeders

Fern FeedersImage: August Boutique

Fern Feeders are these awesome silicone feeders – much better than the mesh ones out there on the market in my opinion!  The perfect way to introduce fresh food to your baby. Pop a piece of fresh fruit into the food grade silicone teat, and let your little one munch till their heart’s content, without the risk of choking on large pieces. You can buy them from August Boutique.


5. Favourite Post – Winter Essentials from Target

Trade Me Winter Essentials 001

My most read post this week was the Winter Essentials from Target Australia – Trade Me have not got a Target Australia store and it’s EPIC! Great clothes, affordable, and free shipping until SUNDAY!  Read all about it here.



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This is a link collaboration which we have started in the hopes that it will help all of us read some more blogs.  So this is your one-stop-shop for blogs!

Your hosts for Friday Favourites are myself (Happy Mum Happy Child), Lisasaurus, and Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature.

If you decide you want to start writing your own Friday Favourites, you can include them here too.

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