Friday Favourites: The One With The Lunchbox


Friday Favourites: The One With The Lunchbox

Another week done and dusted. It’s been an interesting week – with some highs and lows for me. Especially mentally – by 5pm on a couple of nights, I’ve started losing the plot a bit. However, there have been some pretty neat things that have happened: one of them was heading to a Lunchbox Revolution event. This is where I learned a little bit more about food, and got some ideas of what I could put in my kids’ lunchbox.

What has been your favourite thing about this week?  Check out my five things:


1. Crazy Chocolate Cake

This week I did a lot of baking, and discovered an AMAZING chocolate cake recipe that worked for me (I have Coeliac Disease). The recipe said “works with gluten free flours” so I tried it out and wasn’t disappointed!

Check out the Crazy Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Crazy Chocolate Cake - Dairy Free


2. My First Book Buys

I bought my first books these past few weeks, with two of them arriving this week. I got myself Jay Jay Harvey’s “Like On The Edge”, and Chelsea Winter’s “Scrumptious” – and I wasn’t disappointed in either.


3. Rice Bubble Bites

I did more baking right at the beginning of the week – to help fill the kids’ lunchboxes. I made these Rice Bubble bites and they were a hit with one of my kids, and the other one turned his nose up at them. Hmfph.Rice Bubble Bites Pinterest


4. Luke Cage

Dear Netflix, thank you for taking on Marvel’s Luke Cage and uploading the whole season for my husband and I to binge watch together. This is probably the closest we’ve been in a while thanks to you xx


5. The Lunchbox

One thing I always get asked is “where do you get your lunchbox from”. And my answer is always The Lunchbox Queen. However there are other places out there that sell them, so I highly recommend checking out my Bento Style Lunchbox: The NZ Stockist List. It contains a comprehensive list of stores in New Zealand that sell this type of lunchbox.


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