Christmas is my favourite time of the year! As such here are some activities, ideas, recipes AND MORE! You name it, I’ve got it! Scroll through and see if anything takes your fancy ….
Christmas Recipes
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Christmas Tree Fruit Snack

© Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child CHRISTMAS TREE FRUIT SNACK Christmas doesn’t have to be full of sugary sweet chocolate treats. Using fruit, and

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Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Christmas Eve Movies

© Can Stock Photo / andreykuzmin Christmas Eve Movies Christmas time is notorious to have the shittiest movies ever. Like seriously; TV companies, why do

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Preparing For Christmas

© Can Stock Photo / DashaPetrenko PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS That’s right, Christmas is almost upon us, so now is the time to prepare. The 1st

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Cut Out Biscuits
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Cut-Out Biscuits

The basic dough recipe for these cut-out biscuits is extremely versatile, quick and easy to make. Ensuring there is plenty of time for cutting out

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