Friday Favourites: The One About The Drink



The One About The Drink

This week after falling hideously off the healthy-living/eating bandwagon, I climbed back on.  I have been eating pretty well, drinking loads of water, and trying to keep my shit together.  Which isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Here are my top 5 favourites of this week.  Let me know below – what’s been your favourite thing about this week?


1. Favourite Thing – Kmart Online

Kmart Online

Quite possibly the biggest news of the year, and definitely the most important – Kmart New Zealand is getting Online Shopping.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this news.  I have a million local Kmart’s here in Auckland, but so many of you don’t – and I love knowing that everyone will soon have access to it’s amazingness.  You can read more about this story here.


2. Favourite Food or Drink – Blackcurrant Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy 04

It’s winter and kids get sick.  Heck we get sick.  So in preparation for trying to keep well, I have put together this amazing Blackcurrant Hot Toddy drink – and it’s a family friendly recipe!  All that means is that you add alcohol for the adults, and leave it out for the kids.  It’s actually something quite special.  Also while you’re in there you can win yourself a couple of Winter Wellness packs from Barkers of Geraldine.  SCORE!


3. Favourite Kids’ Thing – Play Dough

Home Made Play Dough

This week, my kids’ favourite thing to do was play with play dough.  Whether it was at Kindy, or at home – they love it.  I have a great no-cook recipe which is AMAZING.  In fact, I whipped up a batch this afternoon just so the kids could keep amused while I made dinner.  You can make your own by using THIS RECIPE.


4. Favourite Blog – GOSH I DON’T KNOW

What should my favourite blog post be this week?  I don’t know!!  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to link to it below through our Blog Link Up … don’t take this as my “oh she’s just trying to promote the link up” … I actually forgot to read a blog this week … #awkward


5. Favourite Post – Mum Milestone Cards

Mum Milestone Cards 01

My most read post this week was the Mum Milestone Cards.  I honestly need a set of these in my life.  Not even a joke – these cards look absolutely amazing and I think every Mum should have a set!


>>>>   Friday Favourites Link Up   <<<<

This is a link collaboration which we have started in the hopes that it will help all of us read some more blogs.  So this is your one-stop-shop for blogs!

Your hosts for Friday Favourites are myself (Happy Mum Happy Child), Lisasaurus, and Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature.

If you decide you want to start writing your own Friday Favourites, you can include them here too.

To join the party, simply link to your favourite blog post.  It could be one you’ve written, or one you’ve read during the week which you really loved. Then visit a few other bloggers for a read and a chat.  A link back here on your post is appreciated ????

How it works:

  1. Find a post you’ve loved this week (it could be yours, or someone elses)
  2. Copy the link, and then click on the ADD YOUR LINK button, which is below
  3. Simply follow the instructions and post the link. TOO EASY!

Any giveaways will be deleted, and the link must point to a blog post, not just your blog.

Submissions open 7pm Friday!!


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