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These are the reviews I’ve done on products I’ve been sent! If you would like me to review a product of yours, please contact me on

WaterWipes Review

Review For: WaterWipes I’m a Mum who uses flannels and warm water to clean my boys mess up when changing his nappy.  I’ve used wipes in

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Tornado Tammy Review

Review For: Tornado Tammy Tammy introduced herself to me a few months ago, and her business, Tornado Tammy.   The idea was that she would

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Little Grippers Review by Happy Mum Happy Child
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Little Grippers

Review for: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Do your kids’ socks always fall down?  Or do they slip over in their socks?  Little Grippers solve this

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Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Coveralls from Mud Mates

Painting.  Rain.  Puddles.   YUCK.  Even though it’s great for kids to have access to these things, I HATE DOING WASHING.  So I am often

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Busy Bags!

© Maria Foy | Happy Mum Happy Child BUSY BAGS – THE REVIEW Need something quick and easy to pull out and entertain your child?

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The Sleepytot!

Let’s face it, we all enter this parenthood challenge saying “I’ll never give my child a dummy”, and we end up doing it.  It’s a

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My next review

My next review is near and dear to my heart, as I’ve actually been using the product for a long time now.  Well before I

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Doidy Cups

Do you have a baby who refuses a bottle?  Or, would you like your child to learn how to drink from a cup?  The Doidy

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Belle Bands

I was a bit hesitant at first, to do this review, as my 3 year old daughter has very fine hair, and her head is

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Feeding Fiddlers

Whether you breastfeed, or bottlefeed, we all have one thing in common – an active and nosey baby! As they get older their attention gets

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Jelly Ice Blocks

Jelly Ice Blocks These ice blocks are BRILLIANT.  Made with jelly and water, they hold extremely well together, meaning when eaten by your child (or

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